Welcome to Studio Playlists 2015 !

Each December I ask my artist friends for a list of the best 10 albums they played in their studio the previous year.
Each post is accompanied by embedded video or audio and -for athmosphere- a "studio-mess" snapshot as a background.
That's the whole format: while you listen you can visit the artists website and check out their work.

ArtBBQ used to be  a full fledged 'daily' Art Blog. I ran it from 2003 till 2007. I recently put it back online in all its lo-tech straight HTML glory: http://www.artbbq.nl/old.
After I got tired of the daily grind I couldn't bring myself to quit the musical side as well. Currently the site is being overhauled on the go. I wanted to dive right in and implement it while adding the 2015 lists. So things will be a bit 'off' for the first few months of 2016 at least. When I do get my 10 (!) years of archives lined up all content will be very easy to access. (For now they are inside the 'hamburger icon' in the top right corner.)

If you are a music loving artist yourself and you feel like joining in please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll tell you what I need.

A big thank you to all contributors! All music is the property of their respective owners. I only post videos here to spark an interest. If you like the music please buy it. Support the arts!

Ron van der Ende dec 2015

The Studio Playlists in 2015 so far: