Find out what artists listen to while they work:

Studio Playlists 2017

Find out what artists listen to while they work.
Each December you can browse artists year-end lists and websites on ArtBBQ Studio Playlists.
Discover great new music and surprising artwork.

My name is Ron van der Ende. I am a sculptor in Rotterdam, the Netherlands which explains why most of the contributors are Dutch. The Studio Playlists started in 2006 as a part of ArtBBQ, a daily art blog I maintained from 2003 till 2007. (You can see it here.) After it closed I kept the Playlists thing going by popular demand. If you are an artist with a fondness of music and you feel like joining in please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll tell you what I need. A big thank you to all contributors! All music is the property of their respective owners. I only post videos here to spark an interest. If you like the music please buy it. Support the arts!

The Studio Playlists for 2017 so far:

You can find a catalog of the old playlists HERE