Killer Tapas #30
#30 is a regular cd compilation I made for my friends on the occasion of Killer Tapas’ first birthday. If you like you could download the mp3’s and then take my cover art and reproduce the entire thing.
About half the compilation consists of tracks i’ve posted before, the rest is fresh.
The mp3’s are hosted by record labels or the artists themselves for promotion. Use given links to find out more about the artists, find more music and buy the real c.d.’s.
3:48 mp3 128kbps 3.49mb
cd: Get Down, 2004
buy here $14.00
Transmissionary Six site: rodeosatellite.com

2:58 mp3 160kbps 3,39mb
cd: There is a Rat in Separate, 2005
buy here $9.00 usd
label: www.weretwins.com
and see www.totallyawesome.org
2:20 mp3 160kbps 2,67mb
cd: Oliver Mann Sings, 2005
buy here $25
3:14 mp3 128kbps 2,97mb
(as posted earlier on Tapas #24)
cd: Eleven: Demos/Alternative versions
(free download!) 22PP have a new album out in 2005: Drops & Kicks. Buy here 17€
website: www.22-pistepirkko.net
4:19 mp3 128kbps 3,96mb
(as posted earlier on Tapas #22)
cd1: Bingo in the Country, 2001
cd2: First Contact, 2005
(free download)
2:35 mp3 128kbps 2,37mb
(as posted earlier on Tapas #2)
band website: electrelane.com
cd: The Power Out, 2004
buy here £12.00
mp3 @ toopure.com
3:00 mp3 192kbps 4,14mb
(as posted earlier on Tapas #27)
cd: Music for Tourists, 1999
Rotor Audio Club compilation: free download
Lombriki site: www.larsenlombriki.it
latest album: Free From Deceit or Cunnings, 2005
3:15 mp3 192kbps 4,48mb
cd: Video, 1998
latest: Make It and Break It, 2005
buy here 13,50€
from kirmes-beat.de
(Anne danke!)
5:53 mp3 160kbps 4,46mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #22)
cd: Down With Prince ep, 2004

4:08 mp3 128kbps 3,78mb
Giggles in the Dark, remixes, 2005
buy here $12.00 usd (vinyl !)
band website: lezziesonx.com
2:36 mp3 224kbps 3,10mb
cd: split ep with Athletic Automaton, 2004
$7.00, buy @ New Addition Media
P.O. Box 81162 Pittsburgh, PA 15217
2:18 mp3 192kbps 3,16mb
(as posted earlier on Tapas #11)
2:20 mp3 128kbps 2,15mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #12)
cd: The Frog Tape, 2004
buy here $12.00
Photo: Q and P in front of famous ST. ROCH SEAFOOD MARKET – best fish place in the neighborhood. Vietnamese owned. Place was looted and severely wind damaged. (from the New Orleans/Katrina hurricane damage page)
5:37 mp3 160kbps 6,44mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #1)
cd: Love Love Love, 2003
buy here $10.00 ppd
9:42 mp3 192kbps 13,3mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #22)
cd: ‘the tijuana sessions vol.3’, 2005
Various artists, Tijuana compilation.
buy here 12.00 USD
1:51 mp3 128kbps 1,69mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #26)
cd: The Hospital Radio Request List Vol II, 2004
Various Artists, Bristol compilation.
buy here £4.99
2:31 mp3 128kbps 2,30mb
cd: Chrome, 2003
1:39 mp3 192kbps 1,79mb
cd: Síđasti bćrinn
score for the movie The Last Farm (Síðasti bærinn) , Rúnar Rúnarsson, 2004
from the Sigur Ros media page /sigur-ros.co.uk
Sigur Ros new album: Takk…
2:07 mp3 128kbps 1,93mb
(posted earlier on Tapas #9)
cd: Hello, 2001
buy here LP $5.00 CD $8.00
4:06 mp3 160kbps 4,70mb
cd: Holopaw, 2003
buy here CD $12.00
link holopaw.net

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