2007: #2 Kalle Runeson

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Studio playlist 2007: #2 Kalle Runeson


Hey! Thanx for asking, I love doing top 10s :) See the attatchment for my list….if you need any more info or anything, let me know.
All best, Kalle

1. Coffins – everything
Japans heaviest band? Well, maybe one of two. If Corrupted is the crusty big brother, Coffins is the repugnant, snotty little brother. Drawing influences from the true source, like Autopsy, Carnage, early Asphyx, Venom etc. I worship everything they released so far, but it was “The other side of Basphemy that pulled me into the Coffins.
2. Virginia metal tie:
Battlemaster- Warthirsting and Winterbound
Cannabis Corpse – Blunted at Birth

Lately Virginia has bred a bunch of new killer bands. One of them Battlemaster. Still on indie label, doing DIY tours. A leathaly catchy mix of technical death metal, melodic black metal and a bouncy thrashy touch. Awesome Dungeons and Dragons lyrics, like This mead is making me Warlike, song about getting drunk on a tavern and starting a brawl with dwarfs and elfs. Awesome! The singer is also in the Cannibal Corpse and Weed tribute band Cannabis Corpse, under the pseudonym Weedgrinder. Also in that band we find Landfill from Municipal Waste and his brother Hallhammer.
3. Florida death metal tie:
Obituary – Xecutioners Return
Denial Fiend – They Rise

Obituary are back! Well, this is their second album since the reunion, but now the song writing is back in shape! actually it’s the best they done since Cause of Death (Yet frozen in time has their best sound ever). Also the have Ralph Santolla in the band (ex- Death, Deicide, Sebastian Bach) and he provides some mean leads, just like James Murphy did back on Cause!
Denial Fiend are a new band of old veterans! Kam Lee from Mantas/Death/Massacre and Terry Butler Death/Massacre/Six Feet under. Its not far away from their other bands, old school death metal, but some cool hard core and horror punk influences have slipped in and made things more fun.
4. Yngwie Malmsteen – 4 first albums
Sweden’s biggest rock star, totally under rated in his native country’s music history.
He have had some trouble develop his idees the last years, and also a lot of other problems but still, the early stuff ripps.
5. Brutal Truth – Live in Oslo
The best thing that happened in metal this year was that Brutal Truth has reunited. To make this even better, they came to Oslo to grind. I also got a chance to talk to Dan Liker (the Brian Wilson of extreme metal), who was super cool, and told that a new album was in progress.
Yeeeeessssssssssss!! now get that god damn Overlord Exterminator album out too!!!
6. Waking the Cadaver – Perverse Recollections Of A Necromangler
Slam Groove Death Metal is the best when its done right, and Waking the Cadaver from New Jesrey is doing just that. Maybe not up there with Devourment (yet) but Perverse Recollections Of A Necromangler is an excellent debut. A warning, there are some heavy wigger looks going on in the band. I can handle it, but if you’re sensitive for such thing, try avoiding look at CD inlays etc.
7. Slugathor – Circle of death
Slugathor from Finland are doing old school, Bolt Thrower style death metal, with a hint of black metal necro ugliness. Soumi Finland Death Metal!
8. Tetsu Arrey – II
Japanese hard core have taken some hard blows this year with the death of the singer from Disclose and also Paintbox. These tragedies was a trigger for rediscovering a lot these cool bands. One of my favourites of all time is Tetsu Arrey! the opening track of II, “GO” must be something of the heaviest and coolest ever recorded.
9. Ghoul – Splatterthrash
The guys from Impaled released a new album just a few weeks ago, and that was damn close to make my list! but it didn’t. Instead I want to plug their side project Ghoul, where two of the Impaled members appears hooded and under synonym: death metal meets thrash meets surf rock meets Tales from the Crypt real life cartoons. Excellent!
10. Dekapitator – The storm before the calm
Old forgotten 80ies thrash metal is always a great place to look for good music. The freshness of that era can never be recreated in today’s poser infested musical scene. or can it? Maybe there is one exception, and that is if Matt Harvey is in the band. this guy knows his metal and he totally shows that in Dekapitator. Everything is there, including the most important, the true FEELING! Live for metal, kill for Dekapitato

Coffins / The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God

Battlemaster- Warthirsting and Winterbound

Cannabis Corpse – Blunted at Birth

Obituary – Turned inside out

Denial Fiend – They Rise

Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force

Brutal Truth – Live

Waking the Cadaver – Perverse Recollections Of A Necromangler

Slugathor – Circle of death

Tetsu Arrey – II

Ghoul – Splatterthrash

Dekapitator – The storm before the calm

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