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January 24, 2015 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2014 #36: Wouter Mijland
Wouter Mijland is both Sculptor and Forester. He is currently based out of Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Işid'in Müziği - ISIS music
"Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex."
William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind
William Oneabor - Atomic Bomb
Flairs - Truckers Delight
Ministry - Jezus Built My Hotrod
Butthole Surfers - Jimi
Ironbase - Maschine Eisenbass
Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
Fisherspooner - Danse en France


December 10, 2013 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2013 #26: Wouter Mijland


Wouter Mijland works in Sculpture and Forestry. He is originally from The Netherlands but he seems to live in a different country every couple of months. Right now he is getting ready to move to Cameroon.

Beste Ron,
Bij deze mijn lijstje voor 2013. Binnenkort vertrek ik als alles goed gaat weer voor een korte missie naar Kameroen. Ik hou me momenteel vooral bezig met onderzoek naar illegale houtkap in het Congo Basin regenwoud in verband met nieuwe importreguleringen van de Europese Unie. Ik hoop dat ik op die manier iets kan bijdragen aan het verbeteren van de leefomstandigheden van mijn vrienden, de Baka. De kunst staat daardoor op een wat lager pitje, maar komt vanzelf weer wat hoger te staan. Het is en blijft een gemengd bedrijf :)

Ulme, Eibe, Fichte, Tanne,
Ahorn, Buche, Eiche, Esche,


Wasser, Frühling
Volle Bäche,

Erle, Pappel, Weide,
Der Wald,
Die Kunst,


1. Serge Gainsbourg - Some small change
2. Blackman Akeeb Kareem - Esin Fun Fun
3. Alkibar Gignor (Mali) - Souka Selenam
4. Ochéstre Baka Gbiné (Cameroon) - Kopolo
5. Baka women yodellers (Cameroon) - Yelli
6. Aka people (Central African Republic) - Aka Boyiwa
7. Efe people (Congo DRC) - Chant de fête
8. Bayaka people (Central African Republic) - miscellaneous
9. Baka hiphop from Tibola (Cameroon, great guys!)
10. Le bosquet :)
11. Baka aan het woord
12. Interview over mijn bosbouwwerk
13. Nog een interview over mijn bosbouwwerk tijdens een militaire junta putsch


December 21, 2012 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2012 #22: Wouter Mijland

For me personally, 2012 was not the year the world ended, but the year in which the world started. After 2,5 years my severe love sickness stopped. It might sound unimportant, over-dramatic, too personal, weak or stupid, but for me, my days are no longer filled with pain and sorrow and that's a real big thing for me. Somehow, my brain tortured itself by thinking about her, and how I've lost such a great person in my life, 24 hours a day. Dreams haunted me. It seemed too hard. I tried to analyse and understand the pain. The pain of being left scratched open old scars from really long ago. It forced me to digest truly traumatic things from my past as a kid. I somehow manged to do it and cleared things up once and for all.
Now I feel all new. My skin turned healthy (I suffered severe eczema before I healed). I smile all the time. There is so much more room for new thoughts. It was hard, but it was necessary. Thanks!
2012 has been a great year for my art though. I made new work which satisfied me. A lot of positive feed back and publicity. Sold better than ever. Had very interesting projects, became more professional somehow, but didn't get too serious, stayed cool an young.
Now, feeling all well and strong, I am confident things will continue to develop in a right direction. I'm surfing the right wave and surfing is a lot of fun. People suffering from having lost someone they love: take time for it, after digesting life becomes great.

1. Kings of Convenience- Mrs. Cold.
2. Sonic Youth- Diamond Sea. Classic.
3. Melvins- Shevil. Wind highs are living.
4. Kyuss- Gloria Lewis.
5. Neil Young- Dead Man Theme.
6. Funkadelic - Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow
7. Jimmy Castor Bunch- Troglodyte.
8. Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill
9. Lee Scratch Perry- Baby Krishna. Fire, fire, fire in a London town.
10. Mulate Astatke- Tezeta. It began in Africa.
(11) Dean Blunt Feat Inga Copeland - Narcissist II


December 18, 2011 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2011 #11 : Wouter Mijland

Another interesting year.
After having recovered from my trip to Surinam end of 2010 I went logging in Bavaria. Nice big trees in the mountains. After that I drove to Munich where I got a place in Galerie Flash, a nice young galerie with great work. Than I went to Dresden and slept in someones garden after some Turkish driúmming drove me too wild. I made some new work in a friend s atelier near the Czech border and drove to Holland from where I left to the rain forest in Cameroon where I spend quite some time with the Baka people. It definitely changed my life, chewing tree bark with the medicin man, healing, following bees for their honey, making music on traditional instruments, uncovering some wrong doing by evil European logging companies and checking a desastrous project by a blue eyed Dutch sleepy NGO. I got sick and some people attacked me on my way home, but fortunately I survived and made it. Back in Holland I took some time to recover at my dear parents place (thank you!) and heaqded back to East Germany where I had some exhibitions and made some new work. I got invited to work and stay at a friend s place and finally found a place to live in an old 1940 wagon I got from some guy a few villages away. Now I am working in an old barn from 1700 something and am living in the wagon after having roamed around for more than a year. Home is where the heart is. I d♥ !

1. JJ Cale, These Blues
2. Ween, Don t shit where you eat MY FRIEND
3. Dersim – Tunceli Köy Düğünü

– Davul Zurna, because it makes me climb over fences I normally can t climb :)
4. Baka women singing

- most beautiful I ever heard live in the forest :) Thank you 4×4 !
5. Ben Skin remix, Guy Watson, Mignoncite !
6. Zonga Gaimona, Be Zonga
7. The Heavy Eyes, Wax Apple
8. Neil Young, Everybody knows this is nowhere
9. Motorpsycho, Vortex Surfer
10. Cannonball Adderley Quintet, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


January 21, 2011 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2010 #30: Wouter Mijland

Dear Ron,
I am sorry I am a bit late with my reply.
2010 was a turbulent year, both in a negative as in a positive sense.
There was a great wedding party of an old friend and the best bycicle ride ever on the Veluwe in spring weather, a large museum bought a sculpture from me, I received some nice commands for art works, got a free wooden sailing boat and discovered the best iron wreck yard ever on an island in Southern Norway, absolved some nice forest management jobs from which one in the jungle of Suriname, met some great indigenous South American and Maroon people in the bush and had a lot of fun making art in my work-shed in Dresden with my collegues there.
On the other hand, the most inspiring, pleasant, vivid and funny person I have ever met stopped our relationship last summer, which also turned me homeless (home is a feeling for me) in just a few minutes. Furthermore, I got robbed violently in Suriname, lost all I had with me, stepped in a large nest of jungle wasps, a parasite decided to drill a hole in my foot, my foot got infected after I had to cut the thing out, I developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (lost half of my skin surface) from which I am recovering right now. Just in time to be healthy and 100% for my upcoming expedition to the South Eastern part of Cameroon :) Hopefully just in time to make new work in February since I will have a small show in Dresden end of that month.
Vittu, saatana perkele, we must go on..

Some music I listened to during last year:
1. Motorpsycho-Vortex Surfer

(it is not easy to surf the vortex)
2. Grauzone-Eisbaer

(Eisbaeren muessen nie weinen)
3. Nouvelle Vague-Eisbaer

(the "Linda version")
4. Bonny Prince Billy-Cursed Sleep

(how it was like for months)
5. Barrington Levy-Under Mi Sensi

(shaking it late at night in the work-shed, working it away)
6. JJ Cale-Sensitive Kind

(song about my skin)
7. J J Cale-Like You Used To
8. Astrud Gilberto-Aqua de Beber

(great lyrics, translation to be found on the web)
9. Marju Kuut - Öö ja päev

(going out of my head)
10.Baka people jamming in the forest

(hope I'll meet them soon)


January 3, 2010 - No Comments!

Studio Playlist 2009 # 18: Wouter Mijland

Hallo Ron!
Allereerst een gelukkig nieuwjaar.
Hieronder een lijstje met muziek waar ik in 2009 veel naar geluisterd heb. Ik heb er meteen linkjes naar internetmateriaal bijgezet, wellicht leuk voor de lezer :) Op het moment studeer ik sinds September 2009 Tropical forest- and nature management in Velp. Mocht in het 3e jaar instromen. Ik was van het voorjaar een tijdje in Guinea, dit beviel me zo goed, dat ik nu tot eind dit jaar colleges volg om een diploma te behalen. Als gediplomeerd bosbouwkundige kan ik zeker elk jaar een paar keer een klus in Afrika binnenhalen. Op het instituut leuke contacten opgedaan, waarschijnlijk ga ik binnenkort al een maandje naar Gabon en daarna naar Kameroen. Het gooit mijn studie wat door de war, maar dat mag de pret niet drukken... Begin 2011 heb ik ook al een project voor een half jaar in west Afrika. Tussendoor ook nog kunst maken, heb een aantal Europese dans-maskers gemaakt uit hout, zal ze demnächst fotograferen en online zetten. Heb een druk program, maar veel plezier! Groeten, Wouter
1: Konono#1, "Congotronics"
2: Le Nimba de N'Zerekore
3: Ali Farka Touré, "Niafunke"
4: Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba, "I speak Fula"
5: Sampler: Best of Africa
6: Coulibaly Samadou tuning his Balaphone in Burkina Faso!
7: Toumani Diabate, "The Mande Variations"
8: Dununba (dance of the strong man) in Baro, Guinea
9: Sobanza Mimanisa
10: Wandara Barry in Madina, Conakry, Guinea