Studio Playlist 2020 #34: Juliette Tulkens

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Studio Playlist 2020 #34: Juliette Tulkens

Devendra Banhart – What will be
СБПЧ – Мы не спали, мы снились
Khruangbin – Con Todo el Mundo
Tom Zé – Dois momentos
Donny Benét – Mr Experience
Carlos Cabezas / Nobody knows I’m here OST
Devendra Banhart – Ma
The be good Tanyas – Chinatown
Goslink – Zelfportret
Bonobo – Black Sands

Devendra Banhart
Album: What will be

Album: Мы не спали, мы снились

Album: Con Todo el Mundo
Cómo me quieres

Tom Zé
Album: Dois momentos
Augusta, Angélica e Consolação

Donny Benét
Album: Mr Experience

Carlos Cabezas
Uit de film: Nobody knows I’m here
Nobody knows I’m here

Devendra Banhart
Album: Ma

The be good Tanyas
Album: Chinatown
Waiting around to die
(Originele en ontroerende versie van Townes van Zandt)

Album: Zelfportret
Hoge Gebouwen

Album: Black Sands
Black Sands” alt=”0093237B-F4FB-4E16-8FF8-02B5EB9CF583 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”8997″ alt=”0093237B-F4FB-4E16-8FF8-02B5EB9CF583 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”2E19C5EA-3BF8-4F9C-94EF-CCCA837F8784 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”8998″ alt=”2E19C5EA-3BF8-4F9C-94EF-CCCA837F8784 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”9CB3A772-9927-4301-9AEE-91BD9308321E s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”8999″ alt=”9CB3A772-9927-4301-9AEE-91BD9308321E s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”789745F0-B3FD-4271-9EFF-B07B0A85B637 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”9000″ alt=”789745F0-B3FD-4271-9EFF-B07B0A85B637 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”1FA1C88D-27D5-4EF2-B81F-5A15883C80E1 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”9001″ alt=”1FA1C88D-27D5-4EF2-B81F-5A15883C80E1 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”7518318C-E553-4C55-BC38-8575F5274627 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”9002″ alt=”7518318C-E553-4C55-BC38-8575F5274627 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]” alt=”D64385B2-8E81-448C-8A73-977DDA12DAF7 s” style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”9003″ alt=”D64385B2-8E81-448C-8A73-977DDA12DAF7 s” lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]

Juliette Tulkens  31-12-20 – posted by Ron 08-01-21

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