KILLER TAPAS#2 -041004-
the Mogs – Kelly Blame
Well…, it starts the party.
as posted on FLUXBLOG.
Laub – Temporaries
2002. Contemporary dancemusic from Germany.
Freebees @ KITTY-YO: Just select: artists >> allmp3s.
Electrelane – On Parade
new wave in 2003.
Radio Plus AS-FEATURED-BY-JOHN-PEEL list !!!
Steve & Eydie – Black Hole Sun

Bizarre cover of the original song by Soundgarden.
A nice collection of strange tracks can be found on APRIL WINCHELLl.com.
Direct link prohibited: just scroll down to the Bizarre Covers section.
Kim Hiorthøy – Untitled
Nifty and danceable but easy going tune by norwegian artist/musician Hiorthøy.
found @ the BUBBLECORE samplepage.
Boom Bip & Doseone – Dead Man’s Teal
Manic music and wicked rap from 1999 allready.
TV on the Radio – Satellite
TV on the Radio is THE band of 2004.
I was amazed to find this mp3 of Satellite.
Johnny Ost – Dömd
Did you ever hear ANYTHING like this?
This song was taken from the ‘Allround Show’ LP which was featured on swedish oddioblog BELLYBONGO. He found it on a loacal fleamarket..

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