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February 22, 2005 - No Comments!


___Fat ed.
This smooth dubble length 'Fat ed.' Killer Tapas starts out with a short tour of the country of Finland. Check out One Chord To Another to learn more about their scene and to hear more bands.
Jolly Jumpers
#01___Catskills Crash
5:43 mp3 128kbps 5,23mb
from "Hometown Hi-Fi" 2004

3:37 mp3 128kbps 3,32mb
from "Ruis" 1998
22 Pistepirkko
3:14 mp3 128kbps 2,97mb
#04____Taxi 74
3:39 mp3 128kbps 3,34mb
both songs are from "the Eleven Demos" album, downloadable from:
TV Resistori
3:18 mp3 64kbps 1,51mb
from "Intiaanidisko" 2004
Black Audio
#06____Which Side Am I On
2:50 mp3 128kbps 2,60mb
from "Echo Hill" 2002
Next some hometaped blues from the mp3 taster pages of The Social Registry NY
too busy dying young to pay the rent...:
TK Webb
#07____Dying Young
4:48 mp3 128kbps 4,39mb
unreleased 2003
noisy sweet fuzzpop from Sweden
The Radio Dept.
#08____Against the Tide
4:23 mp3 128kbps 4,01mb
from "Lesser Matters" 2003
Hot from the Art Rocker:
the Fog Band
#09____the Bachelor Section
2:07 mp3 128kbps 1,94mb
Bath UK 2005
Tiger Force
#10____We Start The Fires
1:03 mp3 128kbps 990kb
London boy-girl duo 2005
Some electro from the taster page
of Eenie Meenie recs. LA.
Anubian Lights
#11____Fur Immer und Ewig
6:18 mp3 128kbps 5,79mb
from "the Cookbook CD" 2003 a compilation with songs and vegetarian recipies from the artists.
3:31 mp3 128kbps 3,23mb
from the "Par Avion - Global Indie Clubpop" sampler 2000.
Another interesting bit from The Social Registry
Blood on the Wall
#13____On My Mouth
3:08 mp3 128kbps 2,88mb
from "Blood on the Wall" 2004
thru Tsumnami Addiction coollective and label from Paris.
Odot Sings
#14____Reno Dakota
2:36 mp3 192kbps 3,57mb
from "Tsunami Addiction : Boyz Revenge" 2003

Sweetness found on KPunk:
The Blow
#15____Jet Ski Accidents
2:23 mp3 128kbps 2,18mb
from the "Bonus Album EP" 2002
Casual Dots
3:05 mp3 160kbps 3,54mb
from "the Casual Dots" cd.
>> /casualdots
And for last some new songs by electro pop heroes Stereo Total, that you've in all probability heard allready:
Stereo Total
#17____The Other Side of You (remix)
4:25 mp3 128kbps 4,04mb
#18____I Am Naked
2:39 mp3 160kbps 3,04mb
from "Do the Bambi" 2005

22 feb. '05 - Ron van der Ende

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