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October 17, 2004 - No Comments!


KILLER TAPAS #5 -171004-
Butthole Surfers - Bar-b-que Pope
-no comment-
Bootholes and Buttlegs.
Sexton Ming - Take You Slow
Vintage Dirt-Rock from the Sexton Ming website.
through Erik Browns mp3 linkpage.
Quit Your Dayjob - Look! a Dollar
2004 senseless dancefloor violence.
@ Bad Taste Records.
Mahmoud Fadl - Saidi Style
Master drummer from Egypt.
(You have to try Boban Markovic if you like balkan brass bands.)
Bourbonese Qualk - Take Control
1992 early techno.
ALL WORK by Bourbonese Qualk is online !
Enon - Starcastic
You have reached
Ever pleasent and artfull indierock.
the Bips - Chaos in Nijmegen
Punk band from -well- Nijmegen.
Find your punkmusic @ BLACK DEMON PUNK.
Big City Orchestra - Plonky
Bush bashing sound collage.
big cistry orchestr declares a state of emergency.
32whb 'Thrilla'
32WHB jingle from PAMs radio jingles.
Tanzprocesz - ABBA
ABBA chewed up and spat out. More of this through this link: As seen on tv :"PLUNDERSTUDIES".
dj.Zebra - Sex Pistols mix
Why the hell not?
via BOOOOOOOOOOOOMselection.
German Broadcasters - Repeat
2004 Electro stomp.
From the DICO-B recordlabel. Check it out!
Alter-Azione - Police Bastard
Punkband from Italy
Much more of this shit @

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