KILLER TAPAS #6 -191004-
the Walkmen – Revenge wears no watch
@ Talitres records.
Fog – Pneumonia
2002. Lo-fi turntable wizardry by Fog, aka Andrew Broder
Polyphonic Size – Night is coming on
Classic wave. This is a live take from 1982.
@ Polyphonic Size.
the Epoxies – Need MoreTime
80’s / kim-wilde style song to sing along to as loud as possible.
@ the epoxies.com.
Casiotone – We Have Mice
2004 Lo-fi electronics.
From the TOMLAB label.
Asa Chang & Junray – Parlor
Asa Chang & Junray – Hana
2004. Beautifull and fresh culture fusing from Japan.
via DOZERBLOG musicblog.

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