KILLER TAPAS #8 -311004-
ART & TECHNO -edition-
Antediluvian Rocking Horse – DaDanger Music
Collage sound art from Melbourne.
Lots of amazing material over at ILLEGAL ART.

Self Portrait

Jonothan Borofsky – Take Your Dreams

Blues and electronics.
Rare out-of-print double LP from 1985 of artists’ recordings. Includes tracks by Larry Rivers, Marcel Duchamp, Connie Beckley, Cotten/Prince, Minneko Grimmer, Philemona Williamson, Jeff Gordon, Tony McAulay, Jonathan Borofsky, Les Levine, Burton Van Deusen, Tom Wesslemann, Marcy Brafman, Philip Johnson, John Burgee, Italo Scanga, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Bob Gruen, Yura Adams, and Jennifer Bartlett. Includes extensive liner notes.
Pressboard – Untitled
2003 techno
From the audiopage at ADDICT RECORDS.
Institut Fuer Feinmotorik – ja Das Ist Kunst!

Subtle machine music. 2002. IFF site.
participant of GOG-BOT enschede.
Secret Mommy – Drop Shadow
2003 Beautiful yet uncomfortable cut-up work.
more tasters @ ORTHLONG MUSORK label.
A Bit Crusher – Another Bad Connection
Very nifty techno from Rotterdam.
More A Bit Crusher on THIS page.
Giacomo Balla – Macchina Tipografica
1914. Futurist soundpiece.
From "FUTURISMO-a questionable compilation" online release by EARLABS. The compilation features work by Giacomo Balla, Filippo Tomaso Marinetti, Velemir Chlebnikov, Vladimir Maiakovski, Fortunato Depero, Luigi Russolo. Further info can be found through links on the downloadpage.
Criterion & Doily – Save
2003. Bug out to the beat.
from the Brooklyn Beats freebee page.
Pierre Bastien – l’Orchestre Thermo-dynamique
Automated music.
Visit the Pierre Bastien site.

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