2013 #20: Simon Schrikker

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Studio Playlist 2013 #20: Simon Schrikker


Simon is a painter/muralist living and working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Let the Rhythm Hit ’em – Eric B & Rakim
Guv’Nor (Keys to the Kuffs) – JJ Doom
Keep on Rocking in the Free World (Freedom) – Neil Young
Bad Girls (Matangi)- M.I.A.
Roads (live versie Glastonbury 2013) – Portishead
Street Hassle – Lou Reed
Rampage (Business as Usual) -EPMD
If i had a Tail (…Like Clockwork) – Queens of Stone Age
Keep the Streets Empty for Me (Fever Ray) – Fever Ray
Started in Paris (3 started Alone) – Black Orange Juice

let the rhythm hit ’em (let the rhythm hit ’em) – eric b & rakim

guv’nor (keys to the kuffs) – jj doom

keep on rocking in the free world (freedom) – neil young

bad girls (matangi)- m.i.a

roads (live versie glastonbury 2013) -portishead

street hassle (street hassle) – lou reed

rampage (business as usual) -epmd


if i had a tail (…like clockwork) -queens of stone age

keep the streets empty for me (fever ray) -fever ray

started in paris (3 started alone) -black orange juice

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