2017 #38: Lance Rautzhan

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Studio Playlist 2017 #38: Lance Rautzhan


Under the Influence of Those Meddling Punk Kids
Soundcloud Playlist/Mix tracklist:

Gorillaz “She’s My Collar”
Alexander Robotnick/Gina & The Flexix “I Wanna Believe”
Harmonia “Watussi”
Can “Sunday Jam”
Hashish “Revel”
Mungolian Jetset “Moonstruck”
Arthur Brown “Time”
Desert “Leaving”
Thom Yorke “Guess Again”
John Maus “Touchdown”
David Bowie “Sound and Vision”
Hall and Oates “Everytime I Look At You”
Brian Eno “My Squelchy Life”

2017 photo request:
1) A photo of the stereo you use in your workspace.
2) To turn it into a ‘real’ studio visit I want to ask you for a 360 degrees panorama photo. Preferably one that also has the floor and the ceiling in it. 

Technics 1200
Pioneer DJM-300 Mixer
Grado DJ 100 Stylus and cartridge
Kenwood receiver and speaker stack
Kimball Temptation Organ

Lance Rautzhan 23-01-18 – posted by RvdE 23-01-18

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