Studio Playlist 2018 #39: Jeroen Allart

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Studio Playlist 2018 #39: Jeroen Allart

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Holderz 2016 Remix)
Depeche Mode – Violator
Electro Mix Jet Set Groove
Dr. P – Compilé Complé (5)
Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette
Gang Starr – Full clip : a decade of Gang Starr (2)
Marianne Faithfull – Negative Capability 
Mazzy Star – Among my Swan
Vengeance – Song To The Siren 
De La Soul – And the Anonymous Nobody


1. 1    Sweet Dreams (Holderz 2016 Remix) – Eurythmics

2. Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

3.  Just Can’t Get Enough (Electro Mix Jet Set Groove Remix) – Depeche Mode

4. De Zusters Karamazov – Drs. P

5. Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette

6. Full Clip – Gang Starr

7. Marianne Faithfull – As tears go by

8. Flowers In December – Mazzy Star

9. Vengeance – Song To The Siren (Original Mix)

10. De La Soul – Memory of… (US) ft. Estelle, Pete Rock
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Work in progress 2018

Jeroen Allart 20-12-18

posted by Ron 14-01-19

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