Studio Playlist 2021 #25: Simon Schrikker

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Studio Playlist 2021 #25: Simon Schrikker”>

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James Brown & the JB’s – Gold
The Knife – Deep Cuts
Victor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain
Czarface – Super What?
Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun
Sonic Youth – Goo
Amil and the Sniffers – Comfort To Me
The Gun Club – Fire of Love
OC – Word…Life
DoomStarks – Victory Laps

James Brown & the JB’s – Gold – Soul Power

The Knife – Deep Cuts – Heart Beats

Victor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain – The Drop

Czarface – Super What? – This is Canon Now

Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun – Thong Song

Sonic Youth – Goo – Dirty Boots

Amil and the Sniffers – Comfort To Me – Snakes

the Gun Club – Fire of Love – Sex Beat

OC – Word…Life – Time’s Up

DoomStarks – Victory Laps – Lively Hood

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Tools of the Trade:
-Large brush for broad strokes, used for murals and large canvasses
-Steel Master hammer, don’t leave home without it
-Liquitex painters knife, my favorite model for thick oil paint works
-Recently I bought a grinder since I started to work on bronze sculptures
-Marabu spray can. This typical 90’s model brought me closer to other art materials. When I was a teenage graffiti vandal I always checked out artist supply shops for spray paint. In a way you could say it changed my life, making the bridge from spray paint to oil paint and anything that comes with that…
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Simon Schrikker 26-12-21 – posted by Ron 27-12-21

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