2022 #02: Stang Gubbels

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Studio Playlist 2022 #02: Stang Gubbels


Sam Gendel – DRM
Alabaster DePlume – Gold
Jake Xerxes Fussell –  Good and Green Again
Bill Callahan – Blind date party
Aldous Harding –  Warm Chris
Sault – 11
Tomaga – Intimate immensity
Lewsberg – In your hands
Dry Cleaning – Stumpwork
Beverly Glenn Copeland – Keyboard fantasies Reimagined

Klei animatie amateurisme.

Time-lapse fast drawing.

Sam Gendel, DRM

Alabaster DePlume, Gold

Jake Xerxes Fussell, Good and Green Again

Bill Callahan, Blind date party

Aldous Harding, Warm Chris

Sault, 11

Tomaga, Intimate immensity

Lewsberg, In your hands

Dry Cleaning, Stumpwork

Beverly Glenn Copeland, Keyboard fantasies Reimagined

This years photo challange: INTERLOCUTOR > Snap two identical photo’s of the chair you sit on when you assess your days work: one with you on it and one without: <

Stang Gubbels 09-12-22 – posted by Ron 12-12-22

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