2023 #33: Tony Maslić

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Studio Playlist 2023 33: Tony Maslić


Vaundy – Replica (2023)
Otoboke Beaver – Itekoma Hits (2019)
Sogumm – Sobrighttttttt (2019)
Tomggg & ena mori – いちごミルクsingle (2023)
JIWOO 지우 – Maison EP (2019)
Lester Nowhere & Evan de Cloù – Stargazing (2017)
Mokyo Ft. DEAN – Accent Fried (2020)
Abe M Beats – New Beginnings EP (2021)
Amon Tobin – Music from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart single (2022)
Seori – ?depacse ohw – m (2020)
Tricky – Fall to Pieces (2020)
Ghostpoet – Dark Days + Canapés (2017)
Charlie toØ human – Wat. (2015)
Ako(a子) – 潜在的 MISTY – EP (2020)
Satanicpornocultshop – OYASUMI (2020)
Dos Monos – Dos City (2019)
Leenalchi · 이날치 – SUGUNGGA (2020)
my little airport – 跟你開玩笑 (2022)
Ana hisbbuR · Lonely when I’m With You single (2021)

Here in Hong Kong, as the space is limited is one of the densest populated cities globally. This scarcity translates in that there is an enormous demand for spaces. Consequently, the price per square/feet is approximately one of the highest in the world. Which makes it difficult for artists to find affordable studios. If you find something, you can be paying for a tiny 6 Sq/m space, which is super small, a little fortune, which is too much when you think that this is added on top of a nano apartment here for around 1200 – 2000 USD p/m. Because of this, artists either work quite modestly sized, or digital, in fields like sound, new media art or other mediums that do not require a lot of space. You become very aware of space and real-estate. There are some lucky ones that get subsidized spaces, but these are limited require the right connections. Because of this lack of suitable space, many artists need to be creative and one of the solutions is to use the roofs in Hong Kong as their workspace. As do I, and the roofs of Hong Kong are a world-in-itself. I live on a walk-up (no elevator) on the 8th floor, in a Tong Lau (Chinese Mansion) building, basically a very old residential building, with shops and workshops on the street level, and many brothels and massage parlors in the buildings, to keep things cheapish relatively. So, the experience is very ‘Bladerunner’ (the first one) which was inspired on this neighborhood in Hong Kong (Sham Shui Po). My stairways, which are small and narrow, and illuminated by colorful LED’s that replaced the glorious neon’s of the past, advertising the brothels on the lower 3 floors. After that it becomes darker and more thrashy. I live on the top floor. I like it, as it is reminiscent of living in a cinematic sci-fi world inside a dystopian future. When crossing the border to China you enter Shenzhen, which is more a utopian Sci-Fi scenery, where the future is already happening there and is perhaps 10 years ahead of Hong Kong and maybe 20 of Europe.

Now for the music list, it was much harder than expected to make a proper selection that resonates with this city. Living in Asia, in Hong Kong, where the demographics consist of mostly Chinese, (both HK and mainland) Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Thai, Philippine, Pakistani and Indian, and a tiny percentage of (mostly quite annoying) western Expats, (predominantly from US, UK, FR, DE, and some from ES) They work usually in the Finance Industry and often behave like neo-colonialists and live mostly on HK-island.
Initially the music I choose, is the music of course I listen to most, but also is representing to me somehow this assemblage of sounds and languages of HK as a multicultural and multi-ethnic region, with a feel not unlike New York or even het Oude Noorden in Rotterdam (somehow). Ergo, my choice of limiting western music, but of course I will include some, as to represent the different people of this city, finishing with two bands from Hong Kong singing respectively in Cantonese and in English, the two main languages of the city.

Vaundy ·  踊り子 (album: Replica 2023)

Otoboke Beaver · おとぼけビ~バ~- Don’t Light My Fire ·  ハートに火をつけたならばちゃんと消して帰って(album: Itekoma Hits 2019)

Sogumm – Kimchisoup (Album: Sobrighttttttt 2019) 

Tomggg & ena mori ·  いちごミルク (Album: Single 2023)

IWOO(지우) · Comme des Garçons (Album: Maison – EP 2019)

Lester Nowhere & Evan de Cloù · Rokkatansky (Album: Stargazing 2017) 

Mokyo Ft. DEAN · Paranoid (Album: accent fried – 2020)

Abe M Beats · Slumber (Album: New Beginnings EP 2021)

Amon Tobin · A Living Room (Music from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart) (Album: Single 2022) 

Seori · Hairdryer (Album: ?depacse ohw – m2020)


Tricky · Hate This Pain feat. Marta (Album: Fall to Pieces – 2020)

Ghostpoet · Freakshow (Album: Dark Days + Canapés – 2017)

Charlie toØ human · Carlos Stewart · For my fellow insomniacs. (Album: Wat. – 2015) 

Ako(a子) · drug (Album: 潜在的 MISTY – EP 2020)

Satanicpornocultshop · Meat Not Wrraped (Album: OYASUMI – 2020) 

SOPHIE · Faceshopping (Album: OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES – 2019) 

Dos Monos · in 20XX (Album: Dos City – 2019)

Leenalchi · 이날치 · Tiger is Coming · 범 내려온다(with 앰비규어스 댄스컴퍼니) (Album: SUGUNGGA 2020)

Cero · 夜になると鮭は (Album: POLY LIFE MULTI SOUL – 2018) 

my little airport · 德州之戀 (Album – 跟你開玩笑 – 2022)

Ana hisbbuR · Lonely when I’m with you (Album: single 2021)

2023 dual photo challenge:
1) a photo taken in or around your workspace at dawn or twilight
2) a ‘direct sunlight’ backlight-selfie.

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