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Studio Playlist 2022 #49: Pim Palsgraaf

1 Acid Pauli - Boiler Room Tulum dj set
2  Iron Maiden - Flight 666
3 Vitalic live @ Rotonde Stalingrad in Paris, France for Cercle
4 The Doors -  The Doors
5 Alva Noto - Boiler Room London dj set
6 Aurora Halal Radio BBC Mix
7 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Assassination of Jesse James by coward Robert Ford
8 The Spits - Kill the Kool
9 David Bowie - Blackstar
10 Future Sound of London - Lifeforms

1 Acid pauli boiler room Tulum dj set

2 Aces high iron maiden live in Mumbai (Flight 666)

3 vitalic live @rotonde Stalingrad for circle

4 the doors Take it as it comes

5 alva noto boiler room London dj set

6 Aurora halal radio bbc mix

7 nick cave The assassination of Jesse James by cowards Robert Ford

8 The spits - Kill the Kool

9 David Bowie - Blackstar

10. future sound of london - lifeforms

This years photo challange: INTERLOCUTOR > Snap two identical photo's of the chair you sit on when you assess your days work: one with you on it and one without: <

Pim Palsgraaf 07-02-23 - posted by Ron 08-02-23

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