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Studio Playlists 2006: #27: Kalle Runeson

list#27 by Kalle Runeson. Painter in Oslo. Check out his weblog! mp3kalle2
Hey Ron. Thanks for asking me to do this...Im a sucker for writing top lists
If there is a god, music is his gift to mankind…I love to be wrapped in new stuff all the time…from the top of my head, here is some stuff that has been on my playlist 2006 (most stuff from last months…well, well…here we go.)

Knives of Resistance - Prisca Sapientia
A great thing that happened this year was getting to know Tony “Spykidelic” Wilson and his music. Hot of the press on the Aurora Borealis label. Anyone remotely interested in electronic music, psychedelic, black metal & whatever should check this out. Mandatory! Label:
Anthony Braxton
My Braxton collection increased with 30+ CD in 2006. Two that stand out and became specially dear are the Trillium R opera 4 CD box, and the present “4 Compositions ( Ulrichsberg ) 2005 Phonomanie VIII” 4CD.
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation
This stuff caught my eye cause of the Ed Repka cover....also caught em live in Australia when I visited in August...this lead to kick start my total thrash revival......Thraaaaash!!!!

Mp3: Unleash The Bastards
Mp3: Toxic Revolution
Sikfuk – Teabagged at Birth
Most brutal duo ever to come out of Miniscrotum… Sickest vocals known to man… all done in one take, no overdubs, no effects…. check it out happen:
Brutal Truth - Sounds of the Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide
2006 (1997/1996)
Woo-ho…. After 10 years of silence, they are back and reformed… the remasterd re-release of Sound of the animal Kingdom brought back many good memories.


Missed them out when they were around, love everything they done. Check em out here: /
Noothgrush – Erode the Person (compilation)
Yet another post humus goldie discoverery. Crusty, sludgy, doomy and heavy as fukk. Featuring ex Winter member.


Everthing they done. Will be missed… looking forward to hear more Middian.

Lofi mp3's: Revolution, All the Children Forgotten, Ether, Quantum Mystic, Ball of Molten Lead

Impaled Northern Moonforest
Scariest band on earth:
Bob Dorough – Devil May Care
Vocal jazz that, so sweet and happy it annihilates a bad mood in no time.
Honouree Mentioning: Merciful Fate, Sodom, Bloodstorm, Manticore, Eugene Chadbourne, Krzysztof Penderecki, Destruction, Iron Maiden, Nuclear Death, Woody Guthrie, Mob 47, Emperor, yada, yada, yada….
Kalle Runeson 15-12-06 posted by RvdE 14-01-07

Honouree Mentioning: Death Breath, Hirax, Hellhammer, Kuru


Brutal Truth


Kalle Runeson 15-12-06 posted by RvdE 14-01-07

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