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posted feb.7, 2006 by rvde
KT lists links to amazing mp3 files.
most sublinks will open pages with even more to try out. But buy the stuff too; soundquality is so much better and you’ll support independent music.
Most of them are packaged as regular works of art! But for now:
DIG IN !!!
Califone – Electric Fence
6:34 mp3 128kbps 6,01mb
e.p.: Califone -Califone 2, 2000
website for Califone and Red Red Meat: Pastrysharp.com


Colleen – The Happy Sea
3:00 mp3 64kbps 1,37mb
cd: The Golden Morning Breaks, 2005
See the video for The Happy Sea
Video animation by Carolina Melis
Colleen website : Colleenplays.org
obtain for 15 euros from ascorpus
mp3 via the Leaf label


Gluid – Ekal Naws
5:15 mp3 160kbps 6,02mb
cd: Gluid – Gluid, 2006
order from Esc Rec for 8 euros.
Judith Juillerat – Slacktime
3:31 mp3 256kbps 6,44mb
cd: Soliloquy, 2005
Obtain for 8 euros from Shitcatapult

De Portables – Here I Stand
3:46 mp3 160kbps 4,31mb
cd: Girls Beware, 2003
Potables blog: deportables.com
buy Girls Beware for 12€ from k-raa-k
Köhn en de Portables – Köhnfituurpje
6:29 mp3 192kbps 8,91mb
cd: Op visite bij tante Klara, 2005, sold out!
mp3 from K-raa-k
Mudboy – Last Song
9:36 mp3 160kbps 11mb
mp3 from the Mudboy website: "AND since the "mudboy Live at the PPAC Wonder Show of the Universe" album is not coming out anytime soon: here is an unreleased mp3 of the last piece on the wurlitzer."
more on freematterfortheblind
The Impossible Shapes – Pan-Ther
2:09 mp3 160kbps 2,47mb
cd: Tum , to be released later this year.
website: theimpossibleshapes.com
mp3 on secretely canadian
09Transfolmer – TV
5:07 mp3 128kbps 4,69mb
cd: Music for your Eyes, 2006
website: transfolmer.nl
obtain the cd from esc rec for €8,00
Kites – Something About America
3:39 mp3 256kbps 6,68mb
cd/lp: Peace Trials, 2005,
order through load records CD-$12.00/LP-$10.00.
Kites visited Worm last week in a venue with Fat Worm of Error and Dreamhouse. All three of them had a pure abstract impro noise lineup with bearded men bugging out to it. Dreamhouse had the whole audience assembled under a giant stretch of constuction plastic- like a tent covered in drawing and collage. A unique experience, with euphoria enhanced by lack of oxigen.
11Shogun Kunitoki – Montezuma
4:55 mp3 96kbps 3,37mb
cd: Tasankokaiku, 2006.
order thru fonal recs as soon as its available
Brilliant stuff- this makes me so very happy; Raymond Scott meets Ekseption.
Shogun Kunitoki – Tropiikin Kuuma Huuma
5:37 mp3 96kbps 3,86mb
band website: shogunkunitoki.com

mp3 from fonal.com
Jonathan and Tim – Pussy Tea
3:08 mp3 112kbps 2,52mb
Jonathan + Tim:
Don`t call us piggy
500 Pieces.
12” Vinyl & CD
Tim Berresheim and
Jonathan Meese
Tribal disco impro
14Trepanation – Bitte Hinten Bezahlen
4:32 mp3 112kbps 3,64mb
Bitte hinten bezahlen
500 Pieces
12” Vinyl & CD
Tim Berresheim and
Jonathan Meese
more on http://www.new-amerika-online.de/
Sent in by Manu Baeyens, who is an admirer of Jonathan Meese. I did see it linked before on the david-f.livejournal; which btw is the single most interesting place on the WWW!!! Jonathan Meese currently has an exhibition of his paintings, drawings, collages, installationwork and what not at de Hallen in Haarlem, NL, till feb.26
John von Ryan – Message
2:28 mp3 96kbps 1,70mb
cd: Organs vs. Furniture, 2001
cd $12.00
order from load records
Half Asleep – The Butcher’s Boy
5:00 mp3 160kbps 5,73mb
from cd: "Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music By Harry Smith" get it free on Hinah.com.
more half asleep on half-asleep.tk.
info on Harry Smith
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