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KILLER TAPAS #10 -111104-
Matmos – Action at a Distance
Matmos site . Post-punk.
From The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.
donAteller – Mmmm…
Weirdo rock.
Find info on this band on High Society. (not)
from the Spoilt Victorian Child audiolog.
Pure Chewing Satisfaction (1997)
Lard – I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog
Lots of free stuff on Lard, the Dead Kennedys and Jello Biafra on Alternative Tentacles.
CocoRosie – Good Friday
2004. A nice song, and it is indeed a good time to believe in saint Nicolas. But you would think they could’ve waited to brush their teeth until the song was finished…
TIP:Epitonic has an option to stream all available songs by your artist of choice, and similar artists. Just select ‘play’ on the bottom of the page !!!.
the Kickers – Koprot
sent in by eduard.
Sur les traces de Black Eskimo (2004)
les Georges Leningrad – Supa Doopa
les Georges Leningrad – Sponsorships
Loud and nasty electro from Montreal.
found on WebzineNameless.
Everybody wants to be nameless !

Tuk – John Carpenter
2004. Finely structured noise.
@ (K-RAA-K)3.
the Crack Babies – Shine
sweden 2004 happy feedback overdose
via Lostmusic.
Flipper – Sacrifice
Classic punk from the reissue of the 1983 sampler: Not So Quiet On The Western Front
from Alternative Tentacles.
Balthasar Gerards Kommando – Vivisection
A Dutch Feast… The Complete Works Of Balthasar Gerards Kommando (1999)
Dutch punk; the glory years!
from Alternative Tentacles.
Forcefields and Constellations (2004)
Black Forest/Black Sea – Fish no Fish
Post rock soundscaping from Providence.
Catpower – We All Die
from Chan Marshalls 1996 debut album Myra Lee.
Thru Usounds.

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