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December 11, 2004 - No Comments!


KILLER TAPAS #14 -111204-
Mad artist with snake bird 2002 54x63,5cm
Kevin Coyne - I Want To Sit With The Girl
2:19 mp3 128kbps 2,12mb
Singer/songwriter&painter Kevin Coyne died last week.

Musica Dispersa - Cefalea
4:31 mp3 128kbps 4,13mb
Musica Dispersa - Arcano
5:51 mp3 128kbps 5,36mb
1970 odd Psychedelic Folk from Spain
Download the complete album here:
Musica Dispersa: "Musica Dispersa" (1970)
(it's in the right column half way down)

Ergo Phizmiz - White Light White Heat
2:27 mp3 192kbps 3,37mb
'An artist by the name of Ergo Phizmiz has recreated the Velvet Underground’s fantastic “White Light White Heat” album using banjos, accordions and ukeleles with fantastic results.'
Download entire White Light/ White Heat EP here.
To Rococo Rot - Testfeld
4:25 mp3 128kbps 4,05mb
from the free mp3 compilation at Tonspion:
TEAM KITTY-YO. complete with cover!

the Kites - Big Ponytail
1:10 mp3 224kbps 1,87mb
And a bit of noise. Just for good measure. from Load records.


1:22 mp3 160kbps 1,58mb
Kiiiiii! - World according to Carp & Sheep
Kiiiiii! - Brown Girl in the Ring
1:50 mp3 160kbps 2,10mb
Kiiiiii! - 4littleJoeys Remix by DJ子供
3:04 mp3 160kbps 3,52mb
see the !!!!!!!!kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! website
from fatplanet & licketyspit

The Fog - Cockeyed Cookie Pusher
3:22 mp3 436kbps 4,50mb
2004. Andrew Broder. less turntablism more songwriting.

via royal music blog.
Embark - Martian Attack
6:00 mp3 192kbps 8,38mb
Download SpaceEP complete with cover.
By ::: ACRYLIK :::
netlabel for stylish electronic music

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