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January 9, 2005 - No Comments!


KILLER TAPAS #18 - 090105 -

CAN - Oh Yeah
7:24 mp3 128kbps 6,78mb
from the Tago Mago album, recorded 1971. Brilliant stuff!
thru Fat Planet.
De Kift - Nauwe Mijter
4:23 mp3 128kbps 4,02mb
from Koper CD 2001.
Alt-fanfare music from the Netherlands.
De Kift are all heart.
mp3 hosting Vitaminic.
Kilowatthours - Welcome to Orlando
2:28 mp3 160kbps 2,83mb
from 'The Bright Side' CD 2002
from Temporary Residence Limited.
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - There's a Weight on You, But You Can't Feel It
1:31 mp3 160kbps 1,73mb
from 2003 CD; Cicadidae. Soundscapes
from Temporary Residence Limited.
Tracy and the Plastics - Henrietta
2:33 mp3 160kbps 2,92mb
"an electronic art/new media punk band conceived and performed by Lesbian Feminist video artist Wynne Greenwood". The song is from the just released "Culture for Pigeon"
found on the Troubleman Unlimited download page.
Frank Black and the Catholics - Nadine
3:05 mp3 128kbps 2,82mb
from the 2003 album 'Show me your tears'
mp3 from Spinart recs.
Nice Nice - Cold Sweat Part XVI

2:31 mp3 128kbps 2,30mb
anarcho pfunk. From Chrome CD 2003

MING - Frederique vs Superpitcher
6:30 mp3 128kbps 5,96mb
some very slick electro by female half of belgian duo MING and Superpitcher from germany.
mp3 on Doxa recs.
thru Fat Planet.

Low - Monkey
4:19 mp3 160kbps 4,94mb
from 'The Great Destroyer' upcoming CD
See the LOW website:
mp3 on subpop recs.
thru STEREO.

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