Tommy Guerrero – post primitive
mp3 2:17 160kbps 2,62mb
vintage demo by San Francisco skateboard legend. More on tommyguerrero.com
Q-Burns Abstract Message – Jennifer (Faust)
mp3 5:28 128kbps 5,01mb
cd: Q-Burns Abstract Message: Feng Shui, 1998
Q-Burns Abstract Message: website
mp3 from Faust: website
Cat Power – The Greatest
mp3 3:22 192kbps 4,64mb
From Cat Power / Chan Marshall’s upcoming Release: "The Greatest".
mp3 from matador recs

Langhorns – The Quiet Surf
mp3 3:44 80kbps 2,14mb
from Langhorns’ self-titled album from 1998.
Through langhorns.com
Cheveu – Happiness
mp3 2:17 320kbps 2,77mb
website: cheveunet.free.fr
22-Pistepirkko – I Knew
mp3 4,02 128kbps 3,70mb
cd: Drops&Kicks, 2005
website: 22-pistepirkko.net
mp3 from bbisland.de
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra – Turks Fruit
mp3 3:44 192kbps 5,15mb
website: www.agso.org
see them here
via subjectivisten
Barr – Lights Out
mp3 2,42 160kbps 3,10mb
cd/lp: Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case, 2005
Hiphop stripped to the bone
website: barrbarr.com
mp3 on doggpony records
Glass Candy – Iko Iko (exerpt)
mp3 2:23 128kbps 2,19mb
from Iko Iko 12"/cd-ep
Glass Candy fansite: Crystal Migrane
mp3 on troubleman
StuntRock – Vol.3/Track 2
mp3 1:52 160kbps 2,15mb
cd: This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3, 2005
website: stuntrock.com
mp3: cockrockdisco
Charles Mingus – Love Chant
(Grooveblaster mix)

mp3 4:42 192kbps 6,47mb
Grooveblaster website
Mingus website
via subjectivisten
TV on the Radio – Dry Drunk Emperor
mp3 6:46 160kbps 7,75mb
website: tvontheradio.com
mp3 from 4ad.com
mp3 host: the crutch
Pavement – All my Friends
mp3 5:12 160kbps 5,95mb
cd: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA’s Desert Origins, 2004.
band website looks discontinued. There is a stephenmalkmus.com though.
mp3 on matador
Limousine – A Drive
mp3 2:43 128kbps 2,49mb
cd: The Phenomenon Caravan Troupe, 2005
mp3 on bb-island
PuyoPuyo – MadameH
mp3 2:05 80kbps 1,19mb
PuyoPuyo website
MadameH website
Nambavan – Liver (Distortion DiscoMix)
mp3 4:01 192kbps 4,65mb
cd: Sex, drugs and Russian girls, 2005
FREE DOWNLOAD from WM Recordings
more stuff on his: nambavan.ru
Odetta – All the Pretty Little Horses
mp3 2:59 128kbps 2,75mb
Human rights activist and folk/blues singer born as Odetta Holmes, still touring at the age of 75.
info at mc-records.com
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