KILLER TAPAS #7 -251004-
Elastica – Da da da
2000 version of the 1982 song by Trio.
@ Damon Albarn, more here(van manu B)
Public Enemy & Moby – Make Love, Fuck War

from PUNKASSBITCH music blog.
The Je Ne Sais Quoi – Death of Them
Powerfull artpunk or electro-funk-rock whatever from Stockholm > tjnsq.com.
"Sharing the sharing" 3HIVE.com.
Electrocute – Kleiner Dicker Junge
2004 kinky german electro.
@ EmperorNorton. Via SUBJECTIVISTEN.
Terminus B – Robot Dynastie
2001 Electro by TerminusB.
PANIKP.de online music magazine.
Mr Scruff – Champion Nibble
2002 dancefloor jazz tune
Music info, intervieuws, mp3’s and mp3-streams from DISQUIET.
Stuart Braithwaite+Aidan Moffat – Bill is Dead
2002. Beautifull song in collaboration by Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai & Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap.

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