2008: #9 Koen Delaere – BOOK SPECIAL

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Studio Playlist 2008 #9 Koen Delaere – BOOK SPECIAL


1 ongetwijfeld het leukste boek dat ik het afgelopen jaar gelezen heb is
Herzog on Herzog – Paul Cronin
This text consists of a set of career-length interviews with the German genius once hailed by Francois Truffaut as “the most important film director alive”.
2 The assault on tony’s – john O’Brien
van de schrijver van leaving las vegas , In this grim and darkly humorous novel, social alliances are forged and challenged as each member of a macabre party barricaded in a bar while a race riot rages outside ignores his fears in favor of keeping his tumbler filled to the brim. As the liquor supply starts to dwindle, the novel reaches dramatic intensity, exposing the highs and lows of the human spirit.
3 Nachtweefsel – Christoph Peeters
4 JK Huysmans – Tegen de keer
À Rebours wordt gezien als de bijbel van wat de “decadente” literatuur wordt genoemd.HILARISCH!
5 Hunter S. Thompson – The rhum diary
Although Thompson was only 22 when he wrote the story, it deals extensively with a fear of ‘going over the hill’ and growing old. The prominent characters are typical of Thompson’s work; violent, maniacal and alcoholic, stumbling through life. It is written in a highly paced and rather exciting style, also typical of his work.
6 John Updike – Toward the end of time
“Toward the End of Time” is going to offend many readers, notably Updike’s feminist detractors
ook een aanrader voor fans van De onzekerheidsrelatie van Heisenberg !
7 Boeli van Leeuwen – Het teken van jona
Met Boeli van Leeuwen verliest de Nederlandse literatuur weer één van haar grote schrijvers. Zijn romans zijn nooit doorgebroken naar een groter publiek. Misschien komt dat door de zwaar bijbelse titels die Van Leeuwen voor zijn boeken bedacht: De rots der struikeling, Het teken van Jona, De eerste Adam.Â
en dan in de serie het boek was beter :
8 Alex Garland – The Tesseract
The novel is named after a tesseract, a four-dimensional object, a hypercube, unraveled to three dimensions. What this means for some readers is that Garland has written a literary puzzle, burying clues for game-minded folks to sniff out and discuss among themselves. What this means for the characters is that their lives steadily unravel until they meet at the end of a brutal chase.
What’s so refreshing about Garland, besides his exotic locations and incredible sense of timing, is his clear, direct language
A shabby hotel room in a rundown part of Manila Bay. Wet stains on the road glow red as the sun drops from the sky. Men chase each other through dark Manila streets. Two homeless boys scatter nails on the road. A grandmother watches her beloved ER on television. The smell of a dead pig, bloated by the sea. The pain of first love. A child’s deformed chest. Blood everywhere.
9 Cormac McCarthy – No country for old men
de film was goed , het boek was beter!
10 Into the wild – John Krakauer
11 Crash – jg Ballard
It was a highly controversial novel: famously one publisher’s reader returned the verdict “This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do Not Publish!”[1] The novel was made into a movie of the same name in 1996 by David Cronenberg. The Normal’s 1978 song “Warm Leatherette” was also inspired by the novel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crash_(1973_novel)

en verder moet je zeker the dharma bums (Kerouac) , het menselijk kunnen staat voor niets (BoB Den UYL ) en The room (selby jr) lezen

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