2016 #34: Ewoud van Rijn

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Studio Playlist 2016 #34: Ewoud van Rijn


1  -intro-
2: Fancy Space People
3: Chain and the Gang
4: Selector Dub Narcotic
5: Malaikat dan Singa
6: Various Gamelan
7: Angus Mclise – The cloud doctrine.
8: More McLise and Conrad from the album Dreamweapon III.
9: Lon Milo Duquette
10: The Apple Pen song.


2: Fancy Space People, space rock collaboration between artist/musician Nora Keyes and Don Bolles, ex drummer of The Germs (here on guitar). From L.A.. No album so far as I know. Could play this song all day long.

3: A punky narrative by multi-meta writer/musician/performer/’web-personality’ Ian Svenonius from Washington DC. He did a memorable gig at PrintRoom this year to promote his new book ‘Censorship Now!’. Many, many albums on K records from Olympia, Washington.This is with one of his many bands: Chain and the Gang.

4: First song from the latest album of Calvin Johnson (founder of K records) as Selector Dub Narcotic. He was touring Europe recently to promote it and I was happy to catch him on the wing for a gig at KABK. Watch out, this song will get stuck in your head!

5: Artist/Musician Arrington de Dionyso used to be in Old Time Religion and went on to form Malaikat al Singa, a band heavily influenced by indonesian music. Both on K Records. Painted Murals at Comet Pizza, the pivot of Pizzagate. I listen a lot to his: Unheard Indonesia, a long impro with Indonesian musicians.

6: Gamelan gives me goosebumps. Pitamaha-Various Gamelan musicians.

7: Angus Mclise – The cloud doctrine.
A selection from a large collection of mesmerizing sound experiments by McLise.
This must be a collaboration with Tony conrad on violin.

8: More McLise and Conrad from the album Dreamweapon III.

9: Lon Milo Duquette is a musician who left behind his musical career to focus on being a practicing magician and writer on the occult. He is still involved in occult organization OTO, originated by Aleister Crowley. Since a few years he’s picked up his guitar again and records and tours as a singer songwriter. This is from the album Sweet Baba Lon.

10: I love nonsense rhyming like this viral one the kids came home with: The Apple Pen song.


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