2017 #15: Anuli Croon

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Studio Playlist 2017 #15: Anuli Croon


Gil Scott Heron ​- ​The Bottle
Joan as Policewoman​ – Damned Devotion​ 2018​
​The Baptist Generals​ ​ –  Jackleg Devotional to the ​Heart​ ​​
Willis Earl Beal – Nobody knows
​Courtney Barnett​ –  ​ Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.
Chelsea Wolfe and Mark Lanegan​ – Flatlands​
Latin Playboys – DOSE
​Sleaford Mods ​ – ​I Feel so Wrong​ ​
I am Kloot  – ​ ​ Let It All​
Tom ​Petty and the ​Heartbreakers ​- ​ ​She’s ​The ​One

Gil Scott Heron ​- ​The Bottle

Joan as Policewoman​ – Warning Bell

The Baptist Generals​ ​ – Dog That Bit You

Willis Earl Beal – Coming Through

Courtney Barnett​ – Pedestrian At Best

Flatlands – Chelsea Wolfe and Mark Lanegan

Latin Playboys – Lemon ‘N Ice

Sleaford Mods ​ – ​i feel so wrong​

I am Kloot – ​ ​Hold Back The Night

Tom ​Petty and the ​Heartbreakers ​- ​Hope You Never

2017 photo request:
1) A photo of the stereo you use in your workspace.
2) To turn it into a ‘real’ studio visit I want to ask you for a 360 degrees panorama photo. Preferably one that also has the floor and the ceiling in it. 

Sound:  ipod nano Apple + Tivoli Audio

Anuli Croon 20-12-17 – posted by RvdE 21-12-17

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