2017 #34: Johan Gustavsson

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Studio Playlist 2017 #34: Johan Gustavsson


Alice Phoebe Lou – Sola EP
Peu – Peu
The Growlers – Hung At Heart
Alice Phoebe Lou – She (live)
Peu – Who am I (Can See You) (live)
Alice Phoebe Lou – Orbit
Princess Chelsea – Lil’ Golden Book
Big thief – Capacity 
Dick el Demassiado – Al Perdido Ganado
The Growlers – Chinese Fountain

Alice Phoebe Lou – The Tiger

Peu – I am Me Without You

The Growlers – One Million Lovers

Alice Phoebe Lou – She

Peu – Who am I (Can See You)

Alice Phoebe Lou – Society


Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet

Big thief – Shark Smile

Dick el Demassiado

The Growlers – Good Advice

2017 photo request:
1) A photo of the stereo you use in your workspace.
2) To turn it into a ‘real’ studio visit I want to ask you for a 360 degrees panorama photo. Preferably one that also has the floor and the ceiling in it. 

Sound: iPod + KURZWEIL

Johan Gustavsson 19-01-18 – posted by RvdE 19-01-18

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