2018 #12: Ewoud van Rijn

Studio Playlist 2018 #12: Ewoud van Rijn

Find out what artists listen to while they work:

Studio Playlist 2018 #1: Bas Louter


1: Yo La Tengo – Painful
2: Kath Bloom – Loving takes this Course
3: Loren Mazzacane Connors – 1987-1989
4: Sonny Boy Williamson
5: Josephine Foster – All the Leaves are Gone
6: Fats Waller
7: Khruangbin – Con todo el mundo
9: Exuma – Exuma
10: Nina Simone

1: From a Motel 6 -Yo La Tengo Rediscovering Yo la Tengo.

2: Kath Bloom – Come Here
Discovering Kath Bloom. Goosebumps for all the good reasons.

3: Loren Mazzacane Connors – Blue Ghost Blues
Discovered Loren Mazzacane Loren through Kath Bllom.

4: Sonny Boy Williamson – Keep it to Yourself
He was just amazing.


5: Josephine Foster – Lullabye to all
She just keeps being amazing.

6: Fats Waller – The Jitterbug Waltz
Discovered Fats Waller plays the organ long ago through Lynch’s Eraserhead.
This song is my ode to Tom Robbins ‘Jitterbug Perfume’.

7: Khruangbin – Maria Tambien
Stumbled upon lovely Khruangbin through this song.

9: Exuma – The Vision
Picked up Exuma’s first record recently at Plaatboef intrigued by the painting on the cover.
Have been playing this strange record of Obejah psychedelia many, many times.

10: Nina Simone – Dambala
Nina Simone was a Exuma fan apparently, as she covered about 4 of his songs.
This is a pretty spooky one!

2018 photo request:
“The Ear of the Artist”
Send me a photo of your right ear.


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Ewoud van Rijn 22-12-18 – posted by Ron 23-12-18

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