Studio Playlist 2018 #19: Maarten Demmink

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Studio Playlist 2018 #19: Maarten Demmink



Colin Stetson – All This I Do For Glory
Terry Riley/Kronos Quartet – Salome Dances for Peace
Duke Ellington – Mighty like the Blues
Lou Harrison – Concerto for Pipa with String Orchestra
Jonny Greenwood & The London Contemporary Orchestra – Electric Counterpoint
T-bone Burnett – The Criminal under my own Hat
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
Michael Gordon – The Unchanging Sea
Tom Waits – Dirt in the Ground
Atoms for Peace – Amok


1 Colin Stetson – Like wolves on the fold

2 Terry Riley/ Kronos Quartet- Salome dances for peace

3 Duke Ellington – Mighty like the blues

4 Lou Harrison- Concerto for pipa with string orchestra

5 Jonny Greenwood & The London Contemporary Orchestra – Electric Counterpoint

6 T-bone Burnett – It’s not too late

7 Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

8 Michael Gordon- The unchanging sea

9 Tom Waits- Dirt in the ground

10 Atoms for peace- Before your very eyes” alt=”IMG_8570″ style=”
[ceimage class=”live-image” id=”7941″ alt=”IMG_8570″ lightbox=”no”][/ceimage]

Work in progress 2018

Maarten Demmink 30-12-18

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