2019 #6: Hils Robbé

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Studio Playlist 2019 #6: Hils Robbé


Lee Hazlewood  – Forty
Grass Widow – Grass Widow
Girls with Guitars – Denise and Company
Slim Twig – Sof Sike
The look of love – the Burt Bacharach collection
Guided by Voices – Alien Lanes
Spectrals – Extended Play
T.Rex – The Slider
The Babies – The Babies
Yo La Tengo – I can hear the heart beating as one

Lee Hazlewood – Bye Baby

Grass Widow – To Where

Girls with Guitars – Boy what’ll you do then

Slim Twig – Priscilla

Lou Johnson – Kentucky Bluebird (The look of love – the Burt Bacharach collection)

Guided by Voices – My valuable hunting knife

Spectrals – Peppermint

T.Rex – Telegram Sam

The Babies – Run me over

Yo La Tengo – I can hear the heart beating as one


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Hils Robbé 18-12-19 – posted by Ron 19-12-19

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