2021 #10: Peter Cleutjens

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Studio Playlist 2021 #10: Peter Cleutjens


Low – Hey what , 2021
Aldous Harding – Designer, 2019
Tori Amos – American doll posse, 2007
Royal Trux – sweet sixteen, 1997
Beirut – No No No, 2015
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John – present Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, 2021
Agnes Obel – Philharmonics, 2010
MarvinGaye – Here, my dear, 1978
Karel Appel – Musique barbare, 1963
Gram Parsons – Return of the grievous angel, 1974

Low – White Horses

Aldous Harding – Zoo Eyes

Tori Amos – Almost Rosey

Royal Trux – You’ll Be Staying In Room 323

Beirut performing “No No No” Live on KCRW

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John – Elektrode

Agnes Obel – Avenue

Marvin Gaye – When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You

Karel Appel – Musique Barbare (full album, 1963)


Gram Parsons – Return Of The Grievous Angel

> what tools and materials changed your life? <

The Nova slot processor. A compact equipment offering two vertical chemical containers and an electric heating system from the sixties or seventies. 
I bought this Nova processor around the turn of the millennium on Marktplaats from a successful newspaper photographer in Doesburg who came to the train station in his luxurious jeep to hand it over to me. It was a bargain and I have never seen it offered again anywhere else. It offered me the opportunity to process the colour photography I made in a photogram kind of fashion (no negatives). A lot of trial and error so it would be too expensive to develop them in a commercial lab if they even offered the possibility to develop exposed paper.

Peter Cleutjens  11-12-21 – posted by Ron 11-12-21

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