2021 #2: Stevie Ada Klaark

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Studio Playlist 2021 ;#2: Stevie Ada Klaark


Lucinda Chua – Antidotes
Weldon Irvine – Time Capsule
Bonobo – Fragments
Riz Ahmed – Once Kings
Little Simz – Venom /COLORS
Asaf Avidan – Anagnorisis
Raveena – Tiny Desk Concert
Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion – Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part
Max Roach – Members don’t git

Weary Ibeyi – Waves No Translation
Inner Distance -Ya Tseen

Tiny Desk Concert Lucinda Chua, Antidotes, “Until I Fall”
Weldon Irvine, Time Capsule, “I Am”
Bonobo, “Tides (feat. Jamila Woods)”
Riz Ahmed, “Once Kings”
Little Simz, “Venom”
Asaf Avidan, Anagnorisis, “Anagnorisis”

Raveena, Tiny Desk Concert, “Honey”

Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion, Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part, “Lay All Your Love On Me”
Max Roach, members don’t git weary, “Equipoise”
Ibeyi, “Waves”
No Translation, Inner Distance

Ya Tseen, Tiny Desk Concert

> what tools and materials changed your life? <

A lemon split in two and squeezed every morning. I pour hot water over the juice in my cup and drink until the sun rises. An exchange for a kind of orb that replaces the other orb. The lemon has become integral to questions. I have asked students to pass it around, I have asked participants in happenings to do the same. We have asked lemons questions, we have asked questions of ourselves while looking at a lemon.

I have spent very little money for a lemon and have spent way too much for a lemon. Once on a small island off the coast of Iceland I traded half a lemon for some cod from a fisherman where the Greenland Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. A pocked rind thick and shiny – a density and weight in my hand. Yellows that are never identical, unusually sharp but always comforting.

Stevie Klaark  04-12-21 – posted by Ron 05-12-21

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