2021 #24: Wouter Mijland

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Studio Playlist 2021 #24: Wouter Mijland

Hilsen fra Nepeløkka, Skåtøy!

1. Janko 13 -Peter R. de Vries
2. Rufige kru – Malice In Wonderland
3. Hasil Adkins – Out To Hunch
4. Gangstarr – Above the Clouds
5. Helge Schneider – Es rappelt im Karton
6. Major League – Ndikuze
7. AIR – 10 000 Hz Legend
8.  Ngozi Family – Ngozi Family
9. Jimmy Smith – Root Down (And get it)
10. Lee Perry – Panic in Babylon

1. Janko 13 -Peter R. de Vries 

2. Rufige kru – Vanilla

3. Hasil Adkins – Chicken Walk

4. Gangstarr – Above the Clouds

5. Helge Schneider – Das Raetsel

6. Major League ft. Moonchild Sanelly – Ndikuze

7. AIR – Don’t be Light

8.  Ngozi Family – Hi Babe!

9. Jimmy Smith – Root Down (And get it)

10. Lee Perry – Panic in Babylon


> what tools and materials changed your life? <

My tool of trade is a 1998 Stihl 066 chainsaw. It’s a heavy chainsaw that I used a lot to fell large trees, but also for making sculpture. When I was living in eastern Germany, I painted it in black-white-red, decorated it with nazi symbols, because my neighbors were neonazis and I wanted to diss them. 
One night they were drunk and shouting “Heil Hitler”. So I walked over in my pyama, chainsaw in hand, and told them that the 1000 year Reich only lasted 12 years, so there must have been something wrong with the concept. They did not shout evil things again. 

Other tools are my sharpening stone, special hammer and mini-anvil to hone and sharpen my scythe. I stopped mowing by machine this year and mowed 6 weeks non stop with scythe in two nature areas here on the island. The work took only 2 weeks extra without use of a machine. It was beautiful to work without noise, to see the animals come back. Seen a see eagle floating by pretty close several times while mowing. Next summer we’ll start courses in scythe-mowing for people who want to learn this skill. 

If anybody wants to join next Juli/August: feel free to contact me on: nepa.skatoy@gmail.com
Housing and food can be arranged and it’s always free to put up a tent at my field! 

Wouter Mijland 24-12-21 – posted by Ron 25-12-23

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