2021 #9: Florentijn Hofman

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Studio Playlist 2021 #9: Florentijn Hofman


Duval Timothy – Sen Am 2017
Ivy Sole – Eden 2016
Joesef – Does it make you feel good
2020 Cleo Sol – Winter Songs
2018 Eefje de Visser – Bitterzoet 2020
Celeste – Not your Muse (deluxe) 2021
Moses Sumney – Græ 2020
Lianne la Havas – Lianne la Havas 2020
Hak Baker – Babylon 2019
Dana Gavanski – Wind Songs
2020 Duval Timothy – Whatsapp

Duval Timothy – Whatsapp

Ivy Sole – Dream Girl

Joesef – Comedown

Cleo Sol – Miles Song

Eefje de Visser – Zwarte Zon

Celeste – Strange

Moses Sumney – Cut me

Lianne la Havas – Weird Fishes

Hak Baker _ Venezuele Riddim

Dana Gavanski – I talk to the wind

> what tools and materials changed your life? <

Favorite tool: Glue gun, gotten from my parents when starting at art college as a must have! It can pretty do everything, professionally as well as privately. It is my temporary and permanent life saver;)
Connecting models, quick repairs of toys of my children it makes the world happy and a better place!

Life changing tools: La Marzocco, making great coffee pays off, so happy, so much fun, so much friends, still learning! It is the foundation in my daily practice, it makes me focus, humble, enjoy and eager to make the next espresso even better!

Life changing material: Since 2001 I start working with plasticine and ever since.
Making quick drafts, sketches and cover surfaces but also using it in material for final installations.
Fun fact: I do already for many years small workshops at schools, bringing loads of plasticine with me for doing a great and satisfying workshop with children called ‘kletsen & kleien (chatting and claying).  

Florentijn Hofman  10-12-21 – posted by Ron 11-12-21

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