2023 #26: Josh Callaghan

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Studio Playlist 2023 #26: Josh Callaghan


Martha – Please Don’t Take Me Back (2022)
Sweeping Promises – Good Living is Coming for You (2023)
Porridge Radio – Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky (2022)
Mike Ink – Dadajack EP (1994)
Booter – 10/10 LP (2022)
Marc Du Mosch – The Red Hour EP (2017)
Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance (2022)
Soft On Crime – New Suite (2023)
Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt (2017)
Luciano & Quenum – Orange Mistake EP (2003)

Martha, “I didn’t come here to Surender”
Please Don’t Take Me Back LP, Specialist Subject Records, 2022

Sweeping Promises, “Good Living Is Coming for You”
Good Living is Coming for You LP, Feel It Records, 2023

Porridge Radio, “The Rip”
Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky LP, Secretly Canadian Records, 2022 

Mike Ink, “Dadajack”
Dadajack EP, Profan Records (1994), Kompakt Records (2019)

Booter, “Call Me Upset”
10/10 LP, Midwest Debris Records, 2022

Marc Du Mosch, “The Red Hour”
The Red Hour EP, Pinkman Records, 2017

Horsegirl, “Beautiful Song”
Versions of Modern Performance LP, Matador Records, 2022

Soft On Crime, “Telex Eyes”
New Suite LP, Eat It Records, 2023

Chastity Belt, “Ann’s Jam”
Chastity Belt LP, Hardly Art, 2017

Luciano & Quenum, “Orange Mistake”
Orange Mistake EP, Kompakt Records, 2003

2023 dual photo challenge:
1) a photo taken in or around your workspace at dawn or twilight
2) a ‘direct sunlight’ backlight-selfie.

Josh Callaghan 29-12-23 – posted by Ron 31-12-23

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